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Leo Sciretta is a contemporary artist, professor of fine arts and a lecturer. His work is full of smoke and vibrant colors, mixing pop art with abstract expressionism. The exaggeration of the features and the lighting of the figures give the work an electric spark that characterizes his work with a very personal face.

He began his artistic career at the age of 8 when he began studying painting. In his youth he was Trumpeter and writer several times awarded with international prizes. Today he is a painter and art professor in his private studio, a lecturer in the history of art and contemporary art.

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Since I remember, I've been looking for a perfect color, a new shape, a personal script and a story I can tell. Art for me is a way to reflect emotions that are always looking for new stimuli. Calling me an ¨artist¨ sounds a little loud, a bit exaggerated, I'd rather call it a profession. I learned a lot and was lucky enough to find teachers who taught me different methods and styles, taught me how to use different materials and ways that I did not know could be integrated into artistic work, and that changed my way of thinking. I studied sculpture, advertising art, media production, professional makeup and lighting for the theatre, set design, ceramics, contemporary art and pop art. I also studied at the Conservatory of Music and for three years. I was a trumpeter in the Symphony Orchestra and the Cordoba Jazz Beaver in Argentina.

For four years I was a producer and a broadcaster on radio programs in Argentina. In 1993, I worked on a film that took part in the Cannes Film Festival in France. I received the “Outstanding Immigrant” award in the category of Israeli writers in 2004 for a book of plots, and I wrote several novels and poems, some of which won international prizes. Today I devote my time to drawing and teaching. I am very attentive to the shape and colours of my work, and I usually think a lot about how I should present it. I paint instinctively and if I do not like the result I process the painting over and over, I repeat the same line and then erase, using the lines I create as a starting point for another idea, to relive what is inside the work and put all my heart and feeling. Every decision brings with it a moral burden, every part of it contains an essential part .The artists have nowhere to go, we are captivated by a white canvas that challenges us, but we must move forward, regardless of uncertainty and regardless of waste of energy created by creative invention, we always want to establish something new and personal even when nothing guides us. This search is a strange experience, pleasant and lacking at the same time.

I emigrated from Argentina to Israel in 2002 and I live there with the three women I love: My wife, my daughter and my dog (not necessarily in this order). I discovered that Israel is a country shaped by its contradictory history, by its wars, a mixture of cultures, but at the same time full of joy and beauty. Today I devote my time to giving lectures in the field of art history, to show my work in galleries, to teach private art classes in my studio, and of course to continue to create and paint. And so the inner observation that is in the painting, the adrenaline that results from showing my work in galleries and the happiness that I have caused from interacting with my students have made my profession my core. Although I will always look for the perfect colour, the new shape, a personal script and a story I can tell.



Leo Sciretta wrote several books in Spanish, including one
who received a prize awarded by the State of Israel in 2004.

The book ¨Ornico, mysterious, disturbing ... Contemporary Art¨, is a book about the history of modern art with a very personal perspective. Leo Sciretta asks: ART IS ALL THAT IS EXPOSED? ...





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